The Truth 365 Campaign

So over the past couple of weeks as I’ve learned more and more about childhood cancer, I’ve stumbled upon many organizations–most named in honor of children with one form or another of childhood cancer–and each time I saw one, I thought about how incredible if each of these organizations could somehow band together and join in their efforts. Despite the different organization names and different types of pediatric cancer that had affected their children, one thing was constant:

The need to raise money for research toward a cure.

Then I came upon The Truth 365. I listened to a video on YouTube ( in which Laura Thrall, President and CEO of CureSearch, talked about exactly the same thing. And I realized that something is already being done. Now people just need to become aware of it.

On September 30, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month will end. But children all over the world will still be fighting horrible cancers for which there is no cure. The best pediatric oncologists in the world are stuck in limbo because the funding necessary for them to their jobs and save these kids is simply not there. So kids will continue to be sick and even die. And because Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (CCAM) will be over,  people will stop talking and move on to the next big “awareness month” campaign.

That’s what The Truth 365 ( campaign is all about. Their goal is simple: To raise money to fund research to cure pediatric cancer. They want to create one very strong, loud, unified voice to make people aware and get them to join in the fight. To to that, they’re launching a grass-roots documentary film and social media campaign that gives a voice to all children fighting all forms of cancer. The film will be released on September 30, the last day of CCAM. Just when the month ends, the movement will first begin.

I’ve seen how amazing women like Erin Santos and Maya Thompson have raised money and raised hell to get people to open their eyes and really see just how big a problem lack of funding for childhood cancer really is. And it’s not just the two of them. There’s a band of parents who have either lost children or are standing by, hopelessly watching their children fight a battle that may or may not be won.

If this organization can bring all of those powerful, determined voices together, coupled with people like me, who have been so deeply affected by these kids’ stories that I want to shout from the rooftops to get people to wake up, then imagine what can be accomplished.

Be part of the movement. Visit The and learn about what they’re doing. Watch their previews on YouTube. Get involved. Be a voice. Get ready to watch and share the film.

Let’s take an active stand and help save the lives of innocent children who deserve to live healthy, care-free lives.

Let’s make sure that children like Isabella Santos and Ronan Thompson and the thousands of others who died fighting this deadly beast live on through research into a cure for the awful cancer that killed them.

Every one of us can make a difference. Let’s get this information out there and get people fired up after watching this film. These kids and their families are counting on us to help them in this fight. I don’t want to let them down.

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