Finally Doing My Own Fundraiser!

So today, with the help of my daughters’ school, I finally decided to go beyond just talking about childhood cancer and move into the realm of actually sponsoring my own fundraiser through Alex’s Lemonade Stand (ALS)! In their Change for Childhood Cancer fundraiser, students in the school each collect coins in little cups and submit them to me.Then I just roll the coins, take them to the bank, and write a check for that amount to ALS. It’s truly amazing how easy it is for ordinary people to raise money in a way that not only raises awareness, but also gets kids excited to be involved! I’m really looking forward to doing this and knowing that my kids, their friends and I can really do something to have a financial impact–however modest it may be–is truly amazing! So in honor of Isabella Santos, Ronan Thompson, Brendan Hadvab and the other thousands of children who have lost their battles, and in honor of brave warriors like Aaron Pinksy who are in the process of kicking cancer’s ass, this one’s for you!

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One Response to Finally Doing My Own Fundraiser!

  1. Awesome news!! Good for you! Hpefully I will be able to share the same with you, right now I’m sitting in a wheelchair with pins, screws , A wire and an external fixation on my foot ( broke it in 5 places and ripped off a tendon) but your fundraiser is such a major first step! Congrats to you Alyse!! I know it’ll be a success and the beginning of You changing Childhood Cancer Awarness along with the suffering Mama’s ..Maya, Cindy…our heroines

    ❤ Trish

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