Change Childhood Cancer Fundraiser Goal Exceeded!

I just made a $629.50 donation to our Alex’s Lemonade Stand Change Childhood Cancer fundraiser on behalf of Village Pines School in Miami, Florida. The actual amount collected so far is $647.92, but I ran out of change rolls and couldn’t deposit it all today! And we’re only two weeks into the fundraiser! I raised the school’s goal from $500 (since we exceeded that goal in less than 2 weeks!) and raised it to $1,000. And we’re already 2/3 there, which is hard to believe…

When I walked into the bank, the teller looked at me with dread–after all, when someone walks in with a big box full of rolled change, it’s not exactly a simple transaction. But when someone in the line asked me if the money was for my business and I said, “No, it’s money that children in my daughters’ school raised for childhood cancer research,” that look of dread turned instantly to wide-eyed smile. And when it was my turn and we needed to count the money, the teller commented on how much nice it was for her to know she was counting money that’s going to such a great cause. I guess everyone likes knowing they’re doing something for children, even if it’s just counting rolled change.

Everyone in line with me at the bank assumed that I had been collecting change for a long time, based on the amount I walked in with. So when I told them that this was just two weeks’ worth of collecting, they were quite impressed with what the kids had been able to accomplish so quickly. I told them that what was even more impressive was the selflessness of the children, how eager they were to participate in the fundraiser, and how many of them literally dumped their piggy bank contents into their collection cups.

None of them could believe the children would do that. After all, most of what you hear nowadays is how self-centered, selfish, and poorly behaved today’s kids are. So the generosity of the children at Village Pines School completely shattered that stereotype.

And we’re not done yet…

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