When healthy competition serves the greater good…

I’ve posted previously about the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Change Childhood Cancer fundraiser I’m doing at my daughters’ school. I wrote about the generosity of the children upon hearing Alex’s story, and about how less than two weeks after beginning the fundraiser, we had exceeded the modest $500 goal I set. There will be two more collections, on November 16 and November 30. I told everyone that the classroom that collected the most change would win a pizza party and yummy cupcakes with (of course!) yellow icing.

At the two-week mark, the second-grade class had collected around $180. The kindergarten-first grade class had collected a little over $187. Well, the competition is ON! A friend informed me that one of the second-grade parents was upset that the other class was ahead, so she put a $20 bill in the second grade jar. Well not to be outdone, the kindergarten/first-grade teacher put a $20 in their jar too!

What’s the point of this? Well, what started out as a little fundraiser for children’s cancer has turned into a battleground to raise the most money. And who wins? The children with cancer! 

This fundraiser is teaching my daughters and their classmates several VERY valuable lessons:

1. Healthy competition is good.

2. Helping sick children is a cause worthy of such competition. And

3. Giving to those who are in need feels wonderful. Especially if it gets you pizza and cupcakes in the end!

I can’t wait to see how much money the kids (and their parents and teachers!) end up raising. The thought of being able to give a sizable sum to an organization that funds research into cures for childhood cancer is amazing!

So let the competition continue!


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One Response to When healthy competition serves the greater good…

  1. Silvia Vanni says:

    Excellent idea!!! Not only does it do all those things, it raises desperately needed money for research and it brings awareness to those children who may never even know about Childhood Cancer.
    You are WONDERFUL!!!!
    I am going to try that at my children’s school also!!!!

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