A new year, a new push for awareness and cures…

The new year brings so many things, both positive and negative. Sadly, a new year won’t change the fact that since New Year’s Day, about 35 families have learned that their child has cancer. Or that about 235 children have lost their battle with this insidious disease . But with the new year, there is new hope too. The Truth 365 campaign is off to an amazing start. If you haven’t visited their site and watched their amazing video about childhood cancer, please click this link right now and watch the video that appears on the right-hand side of the page. It will change your life and how you think about childhood cancer: (http://www.thetruth365.org).

I truly believe the people behind this amazing campaign will do great things this year in the fight to raise awareness of and funding for childhood cancer research.

I also learned about the amazing $100,000 donation that The Ronan Thompson Foundation and Solving Kids’ Cancer have given to Dr. Yael Mosse at CHOP (http://theronanthompsonfoundation.com/about/funding). And that Dr. Giselle Sholler, who is running for a pregnant Maya Thompson this year, will be the recipient of funding from the RTF this year as well. Maya often has said that when a cure for relapsed neuroblastoma is found, it will be either Dr. Mosse or Dr. Sholler who finds that cure. So the fact that she continues to push so hard for funding to drive the amazing research of these two amazing doctors is extremely promising. Please visit this page to donate to Maya’s efforts: (http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/rockandro/rockstar-run).

Despite that promise, children will still die. I learned this past week of Vinny DiGerolamo. He’s in the final stage of his fight against rhabdomyosarcoma. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to read about his struggle to stay awake, alert, and positive: (http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/vinnydigerolamo). His family is in agony. And they aren’t alone.  My Facebook timeline is filled with stories of children fighting cancer, children whose fights I’ve chosen to follow in order to keep raising awareness of this awful killer.

It’s a new year. And I really think this year will be a great one for raising awareness of childhood cancer. I’ll keep doing my part. I hope you will keep doing yours. We all can make a difference.

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1 Response to A new year, a new push for awareness and cures…

  1. Alex says:

    Vinny I hope u know that I am praying for you little man. God loves u 🙂

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