The Sheer Heartbreak…

This video was posted on The Truth 365’s Facebook page today. It is one of the most difficult things I’ve ever watched. It depicts the final stage of six-year-old Miette’s journey…to donate her corneas after dying from DIPG. Yes, you see this beautiful child dead. And you see the sheer agony of her loving family, who have to watch her body being taken away.

Until now, I had only read and heard about the agony of a child dying. Reading about it and hearing about it is hard enough. But seeing it? It’s absolutely, positively gut-wrenching.

And that’s why I am so amazed and glad that Miette’s brave parents put it out there on YouTube for the whole world to see. Because seeing it is literally like a stab to the heart. And I think, sadly, that it will take videos like this–a stab to the heart– to make people realize how truly awful and brutal childhood cancer really is.

I remember reading Erin Santos’ story about how they took Isabella away after she died. And Maya Thompson’s story about having to leave Ronan. And Silvia Vanni’s story about losing her beloved Sal. I think of the families of Ty Campbell. Lane Goodwin. Reilly Bowman. Emma Joy Ford. Alex Scott. Alivia Gibson. Audriana Bartol. Avalanna Routh. Dominic Henriquez. Waylin Grace. Seeing this, and knowing that these families and thousands and thousands of others have had to endure this horrific nightmare only makes me that much more determined to keep talking about childhood cancer until cures and less harsh treatments are found. No child should ever have to die from cancer. And no family should have to endure the nightmare you see in this video.

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